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Stain-Out grit cloth bowl cleaner is a ideal solution for those hard jobs. Use Stain-Out on Toilet Bowls to remove toilet bowl stain & hard water stains including rings in the toilet. See our before and after pictures of stain-out being used on these hard jobs. Stain-Out is a great product for use in all hard to clean porcelain toilets. Keep one in every bathroom!

Have a barbeque grill that you just can't get clean? Burnt on food is tough to get off grills. Just wet the grill and let Stain-Out do the rest of the work. See before an after pictures of how Stain-Out performs on hard to clean BBQ grills.

*Use Stain-Out on Toilets, Grills, Concrete, Bricks, Ovens or wherever you have a stubborn stain that won't come out and even the following

  • swimming pool deposits
  • BBQ grill cleaner
  • paint removal
  • rust/stain remover
  • calcium deposits

*stain out is very abrasive and should be used in an inconspicuous area, please take care in when using the product as it will scratch many surfaces. Test using light pressure until comfortable with results.


Wanda M. - Great Product! Saves money & without using chemicals. Oklahoma City, OK

Jim G. - Awesome product, worked great on my hard water stains in my toilet. Colorado Springs, CO

Annie, A - I recommend for big or small jobs, works great for dirty toilets. Porter, TX

Toilet Ring Stain Removal

Remove Toilet Stains


Stain Out Removes Toilet Ring Stains


BBQ Grill Cleaner

Barbeque Grill Cleaner


BBQ Grill Cleaner


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